Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My Life For Yours Review

 Margaret McHeyzer ~ My Life For Your Life
OH,,,,,,, MY,,,,,,,,GOD!!!! what a hell of a book!!!!! SPEECHLESS
The synopsis is enough to draw you into this book in an instant!! The honest senator and a mob boss falling for each other. It sounded like some messed up fairy tale. He should be wanting nothing to do with her with what she does in he life. She had to take over the 'family business' when her dad dies of a heart attack three years before this. But it doesn't matter what she does. From the moment they literally run into each other he can't stay away. Their first meeting is.....interesting to say the least. But it leaves Frankie annoyed at Jeremy(the senator) I won't say why, but it's too funny!
After their first meeting, and there first taste of each other Jeremy is hooked and kinda demands she go on a date with him. He knows who she is, and with the flick of a hand she could have him killed but she brings out him dominant side. And he need's her. He's only met her,and he already know's she's someone who means alot to him.
Frankie on the other hand is as stubborn as they come. She acts as if there relationship means nothing to her. She doesn't love anyone other than G, her right hand man who has been there her whole life. And herself. So the senator is acting to mushy for her liking. Which she points out frequently.
He loves her as thought. He loves the way she run's her mouth and doesn't care what people think. Because he can give as much as she does. Their relationship is complicated though. Well not for him. He's just made about Frankie. But for her it is. She has the family business to run. So she has to do what she's gotta do. And one of these things involves Jeremy and his mother. I won't say what, but if you’re like me you'll hate his mother. She is a cold hearted *****.
They get pass that, only for more things to be threw at them. Frankie is having trouble's. Someone is out to take her out, and start a war between different families. Making it look as if it's her starting the war. She has no flipping idea who's doing it all. But from what she works out it has to be someone who's been working for her. That kill's her. That it's someone she trusts so much.
Two warps of life collide in this story and evil finds it's way into the story through it all these two find each other and the connection they have will be hard to break ,,, but the lives they live are so different and this could be where they break ,,, can either change enough for the other in order to live a life together? ,,, when your the mob boss there will always be someone trying to get to you and those you care about ,,, but the smartest will prevail ,,, won't they???
This is a great story I've really enjoyed it ,,, heaps of angst to keep you turning the pages and a very unexpected ending that will leave you reeling :( not sure this book is one you'll forget anytime soon ,,, there is some SERIOUS H.O.T. Sex in this book too ,,, if this is not your cup of tea then think twice about his book ,,, but if it is ;) then seriously give it a go it's worth the read ,,, and has an I didn't see that one coming ending to add to the mix!!

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