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Pieces Of Perfect Tour

Pieces Of Perfect By Elizabeth Hayley
As a sexy ex-hockey player, Max was the bad boy with something to prove. As a handsome single father, Adam was the man most women wait a lifetime for. Each man would take me on a journey of self-discovery that was marred with lies, jealousy, deceit, and a whole lot of fun. They each offered a glimpse of happily ever after, a piece of perfect. But in my constant quest to have it all, I would risk losing everything. Only one thing was certain. I’d never be the same after this.



This is an EXTREMELY H.O.T. book !!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! You’ll be sucked in from start to finish! And boy what an ending it was! Okay breathe *deep breath* ,,, This book will give you all of the things you look for in a great book and more!!
One of the best phrases I can use to describe this book is "How the tables have turned" ,,, The book contains three main characters ,,, Lily, Max and Adam ,,, you will find a place in your heart for both of these guys ,,, Adam is a single Dad, extremely devoted to his daughter, he has a kind heart and has a protective nature ,,, Max is the badass guy ruining his career due to his own destructive behaviour, not afraid to spread his love amongst the ladies ,,, Lily meets both of them through chance ,,, sharing a magnetic attraction with both of them ,,, one stems from lust ,,, and the other something more meaningful ,,, Lily is a school teacher, and loves her job, regardless of the support from her family
The book starts off with our girl Lilly been in the airport heading home from her parents after winter break. Well she's more running from her parents ,,, Not in the best of moods anyways so what would have to happen? A boarding pass that doesn't wanna be found that's what! Oh and a suitcase that just can't wait to get unpacked so it does it.....all over the airport floor. Yep could this day get any worse for Lilly? Well actually it can't ;) Enter our sex god number one(yeah you heard me NUMBER one) Max. Max helps her. But doesn't hide his sexual comments. He's such an arrogant ass! Aaaand I love him *sigh*. Basically everywhere she is in the airport he's there! Hanging around like a sexy bad ass smell. He's relentless! But it’s okay she's getting on a flight and will never have to see him again right?.......right? Mayyyybe ;) after this run in with the sex fiend things go back to normal for Lilly. Back to teaching her zoo animals (you'll get that after you read the book ;)) and doing everyday normal things. Until that is someone walks into it rocking her world and not only turning it upside down but knocking off its stand! While all this drama as mad as a soap opera is going on what should happen? Yep more drama enter sexy ass number two! Adam. Adam is the dad of a student of Lilly’s who takes a shine to her straight away. He's everything she should want in a man. Loving, caring, passionate and a great father to his daughter Eve. She should be totally happy with him. No doubting a thing. But things aren't always so black and white.
Mistakes, or misjudgements, are made during this book, selfish behaviour is rife ,,, tears are shed hearts are broken, ,,,, BUT self discovery is also present ,,, How do you know what type of person is best for you? If your unaware of who you are can you know who you need to be with? Want to be with? Whilst finding yourself, trampling over other people’s feelings is NEVER going to end well ,,, but when you start on a journey that takes a turn in a negative direction it will continue to spiral out of control until you out a stop to it or someone else stops it!!!
You will love this book it's jammed with hot scenes of the good stuff ;) ;) ,,, you'll see a player that's been played and you will continuously change your mind who you will want to be Lily's HEA ,,, I went from Adam to Max then back to Adam ,,,, right to the end ,,,, it keeps you guessing and you'll not work out the way it goes until you read it :)
You’ll go from laughing to WOW that was steamy to shouting at Lilly repeatedly! And it was so worth it :) living for the next book from Elizabeth Hayley. And cannot believe this is a first time novel. If book one is this good and it can only get better were really in for a treat :) Highly recommend this book it's beautifully written ,,,, LOVED it!!!!!!
Author bio: 
Elizabeth Hayley is actually “Elizabeth” and “Hayley,” two friends who love reading romance novels to obsessive levels. This mutual love prompted them to put their English degrees to good use by penning their own. The product is Pieces of Perfect, their debut novel. They learned a ton about one another through the process, like how they clearly share a brain and have a persistent need to text each other constantly (much to their husbands' chagrin). They are currently getting ready to release Sex Snob, a novel centred around Lily’s roommate Amanda, and have also begun writing the sequel to Pieces of Perfect. 

“Elizabeth” lives with her husband, one and a half year old daughter and nut-job of a dog. “Hayley” lives with her husband and her own crazy dog. They are about to adopt a newborn son in November. Elizabeth Hayley's writing motto is best captured by the words of Patrick Dennis: “I always start with a clean piece of paper and a dirty mind.”

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