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Love Is ~ Cassandra P Lewis
After years of kissing frogs, neither Rafael or Matthew are on the lookout for their prince but when their siblings cause their paths to cross, fate steps in...After all, everyone deserves a happy ever after!
This book starts before the Mr Write trilogy, and it is the story of how Rafe and Matthew got together ,,, Definitely recommend for the Mr Write trilogy to be read prior to this book as this story covers a lot of the things that you will have already read in the three previous books!! Regardless you will still love their story from start to finish.
Cassandra P Lewis the author wrote this book beautifully. The story of two men in love instead of society's image of M/F was done so classy. Her writing was pure love and it will blow you away. It is a beautiful story of how two people can go through life wanting happiness but never quite finding it ,,, just getting on with life ,,, meeting new people but never feeling that connection with anyone ,,, then out of nowhere BAM! There it is ,,, totally unexpected!!
This book deals with a lot of the issues that Gay couples may have to deal with through there own life experiences when it comes to relationships ,,, you'll read about guys not wanting to admit their feelings living a heterosexual life when clearly they are interested in guys too ,,, you'll read about prejudice ,,, and struggles
Rafe is Rosie's brother as you already know if you've read the trilogy. He is sexy as hell. Fit, tall, muscular and oh so very gay (bad for us girls, not for you boy's ;)) He is not great a picking partners as you see in the book. Even though he is AMAZING he attracts the wrong person and always ends up heart broken. That's he is done with men! Well....for now anyways. But what do people say, stop looking and the right person will find you...... ;) Enter our VERY good looking and yes annoying gay because we can't have him Matthew :)
Matthew is attracted to Rafe straight away. BADLY. Talk about going back to their teen years, they literally wanna tear each others clothes off. But its not just a sexual attraction. Either of them can get any man they wanted into bed for a night, pffttt I'm pretty sure they could get most girls as well! This is about love. Pure and simple. Love at first sight is wrote all over there story. But no matter what no relationship is ever plain sailing. Life's a b*tch and loves to show you it can knock you back when you least expect it. But come and share their story of how they became the 'them' in the Mr Write trilogy. And think while you’re read it. Love is.......?
The thing you’ll get from this book is an overwhelming feeling of pure love ,,, these two hadn't set out to find love but it happened ,,, they weren't looking for it ,,, rather it was looking for them ,,, they were obviously meant to be together ,,, each being the other half to their whole ,,, life isn't always easy regardless of your sexual preferences and love is something you have to work at ,,, these two wanted to work so they took the measures to make sure they didn't lose each other before they had even begun.
This is a great book and a beautiful story of a friendship, a love, a family coming together to make a whole!!!!
About this author
 ~ Cassandra P Lewis

"Writing is my happy place, my escape and my chance to truly express myself. When I develop a character, I commit to them, and to their life, they become real to me and I become as lost in my writing as I do when reading a good book"
Cassandra P Lewis was born on 1st June 1984 in Birmingham, England.
The youngest daughter of Pauline & Alan Lewis, the family relocated to Staffordshire in 1999 to run a pub.
Cassie always harboured a passion for creative writing but was held back by a lack of confidence, inspired by her father's terminal cancer in 2012, she decided that life was too short for regrets and set about writing her first novel, Meeting Mr Write.
Cassie lives in Derbyshire with her fiance Aaron and their dog Busby.
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