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Hard To Love You Blog Tour

Hard To Love You By Megan Smith
This is the third book in the series,,, it is Mason and Haileys story and it is really really good!! Megan is the author of this series and she is extremely talented, her work is awesome ,,, please continue through our tour stop and check out this book and author we have links for both below ,,, we hope the you love this book just as much as us!!!

What do you do when the one you’ve always wanted becomes too Hard to Love?
Hailey Taylor's heart has always belonged to Mason Cahill, but one secret has changed everything.
Things on the baseball field come easy for Mason Cahill. Why can’t the rest of his life be simple? Mason's finally admitted he wants the one girl he can be himself around, but one secret destroyed that. 
Their love isn't sweet and simple. It's hot, loud, and messy. But now, when he's finally all in, she’s folded. Sparks fly. Tempers flare. Hearts shatter. One thing is certain… everything has changed.
Who will be too Hard to Love?
Mature New Adult novel—contains adult content, sexual situations and mature topics. Suited for ages 18 and up*

“What did that pillow and blanket ever do to you?” Jaylinn asks.
I whip around, she startled me. “Nothing.” I grumble and lay down the couch, covering my eyes in the crook of my elbow.
I hear Jaylinn walking around my living room but I’m not exactly sure where she is. “I heard about what happened.”
I growl. I don’t feel like talking about this shit.
“Masey,” Jaylinn rests her hand on my upper arm and pulls it away from my face. “I know how much you love her. I’m sorry that you’re hurting but I think this is best for the both of you.” I open my eyes and look over at her. “You both lost your way somehow, Masey.”
My hands ball into fists. I feel like beating the shit out of something but I know it’s only going to help for a few minutes and I think I learned my lesson when I punched my door.
“You know that saying? ‘If you love something, set it free. If it comes back it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was’?” Jaylinn asks as she stands.
“Yeah, but what does that have to do with me and Hailey? We’re over, Jay.” I say as my voice cracks.
“Oh Masey, it has everything to do with you.” Jaylinn kisses my cheek and then goes to seek out Cooper.


Megan Smiths writing will draw you in from the get go ,, Mason and Hailey are seen in the other books so it was good to know that they were getting their own book ,,, This is the third book in the series and it DOES NOT disappoint ,,,, omg you’ll just need to keep on with this book until it’s finished ,,,
The series surrounds a big group of people ,,, family and friends ,,,, it's a group of people you'd love to be around they are all great characters ,,, this book continues right where Easy To love You ended, it's Hailey and Masons story and carries on through time to the present ,,, every so often you'll get given information about the past that these two have shared in memory flashbacks which helps set the scene for them and gives you a better understanding of their relationship
This is a great read that you’ll thoroughly enjoy ,,, you’ll learn about how these two met and their relationship developed ,,, all of the ups and the downs (and there are plenty where these two are concerned) I feel that the main focus of this story comes down to trust and worthiness ,,, Hailey was rejected as a child and mason has always been there for her ,,, but there was an age gap ,,, and as a child this seems like a big deal ,,, as an adult it has no relevance ,,, it kept them apart although they both knew that they were destined for each other ,,, they knew as soon as they met all of those years ago ,,, Mason is Haileys rock he is there when she needs someone and feels safe and comfortable with him so she turns to him often and he never pushes her he just waits till she is ready ,,, be she has insecurities!
This book kicks out and straight away there's drama for Hailey and Mason. I won't say what the drama is but it's bad enough to break them up! After Mason making Hailey keep such a big secret from Kenzie in the last book, she refuses to be in a relationship that isn't completely honest. So when Mason isn't about to share what’s going on she finishes it. Basically telling him when he wants to open up and save them he knows where she is.
But our Mason isn't about to let her go without a fight. He can't tell her what happened yet. But he can make sure she knows he loves her. So every other day without fail a bunch of her favourite flowers are delivered to her house. But what Mason doesn't know is that there been delivered by a way to good looking bloke named Cole! So Hailey hatch's a plan. Get over Mason and make him steaming mad (Enter evil laugh here) So when Cole asks her to come watch his band(yes! He's a rock star ;) ) play, she accepts. If Mason isn't willing to try then she needs to move on.

Of course Mason see's this. So talk about rubbing salt in that big old ugly wound. Just to make matters worse she brings Cole to Hunter and Kenzie's wedding as her date. Mason is not happy. BUT nothing is going on between Cole and Hailey. Cole is amazing as you will see. BUT he's just not Mason. They form a friendship straight away thought. He knows heartbreak as he's been there before.
Mason vow's that after the wedding he's getting his girl back. And with a little help from Kenzie he knows where she'll be in the next few days. He shows up, and things get steamy to say the least ;) ,,, oh and just to let yous all know there is a great scene ,,, it's one of them ones that will leave ya thinking ,,, maybe I'll give that a go ,,, mmm maybe, maybe not ,,, depending on how much you like housework ;) ,,, But it doesn't just fox them. Its great but its not a magical cure. So there kinda back to square one. But they could've been on the road to recovery if someone didn't throw a spanner in the works. With what Hailey finds out, she FLIPS. Like I mean run for cover as if a tornado was on the way. But this just makes their chances of getting back slim to none.
Then there is Lily!! Oh and we can't forget Brittney!! These two are messed up ,,, ok more so Britney than Lily but even so seriously these two want a serious beat down ,,, maybe more than one ;) ,,, Britney has issues and rather than dealing with them and moving on in life ,,, like most people would do ,,, all she wants is revenge and to hurt people ,,, she doesn't care who she hurts or how she does it as long as she gets away with it!! ,,, Lily gets caught up in all of Brittneys mess and it all just spirals out of control ,,, I won't spoil it for anyone coz there is so much that happens and so many twists and turns you really should read it for yourself! But don't be mistaken you'll end this book want to do some damage to these two ,,, well definitely Britney anyways
Life can be tough at times but it's a whole lot worse when your insecure in yourself ,,, when you don't feel like you deserve happiness and your not worthy of a happily ever after ,,, but to have malicious vindictive bitches stir it with a wooden spoon well it just goes off to a whole other level ,,, why does loving mason have to be so difficult? ,,, Hailey loves him but at some you have to question if something is that hard to do is it really meant to be? ,,, love is meant to come easy right? Maybe the type of love that you have to work for, that's harder to find is the better kind, because you have had to fight that little harder for it ,,, but how much fighting can one couple do before they destroy themselves in the process?
This book was very emotional. Hope you’re happy to know there is a book Four and Five. Even more so with how this book ended ;) This book is so heart-warming and you will hold out hopes that these two can make it through all of their troubles but there is so much thrown across their paths that there will be times that you may find yourself thinking differently!!
Highly recommend this read to you all it's great it really is!
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Author Bio:
Megan is the author of USA Today and Amazon Bestselling novel, Trying Not To Love You.
She lives in New Jersey, with her husband and son.
During the day Megan is behind a desk purchasing computer equipment. At night, she's writing and planned for her next release or chasing around her very active son.
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