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Danielle Allen ~ Back To Reality

~ Synopsis ~
Her past: Emanuel Mills was her first love. The guitar playing, adventure seeking, IT whiz was everything she ever wanted.

Her present: Tyree Barker was her last love. The cultured, educated, successful entrepreneur was everything she needed.

But when Sahara Lee’s past and present collided, a series of events occurred that changed her life forever, leaving her future up in the air.

As a college freshman, a tragic accident changed the course of Sahara’s life. Ten years later, just when she started putting her life back together, Sahara’s world was rocked again due to a similar accident.

Heartbroken and guilt ridden, Sahara fell into old, familiar habits before quickly realizing that she wasn’t the same Sahara Lee anymore. Unable to live a lonely, loveless, isolated life anymore, Sahara decided that the way she coped before wasn’t going to work this time around.

Time didn’t heal her wounds, but forgiveness might.


Danielle Allen's writing is very detailed and leaves no stone unturned ,,, this book is the second from this series and is a continuation of the first so please read the first book prior to this!!! You’ll be all over the place reading this book,,, you’ll be nervous, sad, excited, shocked, happy JESUS at one point you may even be crying! The book had so many twists and turns it really kept you on your toes. Just when you think the book is going one way.....BOOM it went the other.
So we have Sahara, and then there is Ty and Manny ,,, this story is from Sahara’s POV ,,, she loves two guys each in their own unique way ,,, As you know from book one, after something horrific happened her in college she up and ran away. She couldn't face what happened that night, the night that not only changer her life for good but also her best friend Emily and Emily’s brother Emmanuel. she feels like she hurts and ruins the lives of anyone she goes near, cares about and loves ,,, thinking it's best for them she removes herself from their lives ,,, that's the best thing for them right?
This book picks up right where book one ends. She is now in the hospital waiting on word on how Ty is after his car crash on the way to her apartment. Bennett, Ty's cousin doesn't want her there though. Well after all she is standing there with Emmanuel. Yep that's right, after all he was there when she received the news. She is so upset waiting for news, but Ty sends her away. He's so upset that she's there with the bloke she kissed on Ty. You can't really blame him. Even if he's a jerk about it. So she goes home, only to realize she has a choice in front of her. Emmanuel didn't turn up for nothing. He wants Sahara. But she's with Ty. So either way someone's heart is gonna be broken. She just can't make the choice yet...she needs...time ,,, BUT ,,, being messed up, confused and indecisive she decided to do what she does best ,,, run!! Yep just like after the accident she up's and leaves. Thinking that Ty and Emmanuel would be better off without her.
She moves to another place, gets another new job and apartment and starts over. Again.... But this time she is gonna try to start healing herself. She promised Emily she would see a therapist. Which she follows through on. And bit by bit she starts to get her head together. Don’t get me wrong she is still heart-broken over both men. But she's healing old scars that where well over due.
Emily wanted her friend to be apart of an important event in her life and it meant the Sahara couldn't hide any longer ,,, after seeking therapy she realised she needed to make amends for all of her wrongs ,,,, but will they listen??
So with everything she is learning about healing herself she decides to confront her past. She fly's back to see Ty..... She turn's up at his job wanting to talk. And his welcome is anything but warm. But she does it. Well try's to. His "You have five minutes,starting now." Isn't very helpful. So knowing her things need to be said to him,she does it another way. She has to get everything off her chest. And boy does she.
SO with him taking care of there's only one more person to confront...Emmanuel. She has to go back to her home town anyways for Emily's dance studio opening. So it's now or never. But things need to be said before she can be free of them. And lets just say that confrontation goes.....swell. But she has to say what's on her mind and then he can ignore her. Well you can blame him been mad,she did disappear again. With no phone number,or address. Just like after the accident. He told her not to run,and she did. To say he's annoyed would be an understatement. But just as Sahara thinks she's finally in the best place she's been in years....BOOM. It's all took off her. Her life is yet again turned upside down. And literally swung around. Will this girl every be giving a break????

Her relationship with Emanuel is tainted and as soon as things look good it all goes sour again ,,, maybe it wasn't meant to be!!

Her relationship with Ty is good but there is a distance and that can only make a couple stronger or tear them apart ,,, but will their love be strong enough??

Sahara FINALLY makes the decision of who she does and doesn't want to be with ,,, she loves them both so it takes time to get there ,,, you will not be able to work out which choices she will be making as this story has been written in such a way you will be continuously guessing right the way till the end
It's emotionally charged throughout the entire book and you'll be unsure of what's next to happen ,,, it's one of them where you think you know where it's going then BAM! It's off in another direction completely throwing off the scent !!
This book is recommended to EVERYONE!!!!!! And here's to more amazing read's from Danielle! :) <3

Author Bio:

I am a married event planner and life coach. My awesome friends and family and my amazing husband make my life sweet. I love to have fun and enjoy the life I’ve been blessed with. I love shopping and football with equal fervor. I’m an amateur movie critic (i.e. my husband and I watch and critique a lot of movies for fun). I love to read and I enjoy sharing my love of books with anyone who will listen. I love music. A good lyric with a good melody can paint a vivid picture and invoke such a range of emotions. I have a soft spot for most mediums of creative, artistic expression.

With degrees in psychology, human services, and marriage and family counseling, I have a unique perspective on life, love and the pursuit of happiness. As an author, I combine an active imagination and life experiences to create stories that are easily relatable and intentionally intriguing. I want to offer you a peek into someone else’s life and for you to get lost in their story, their trials, their triumphs. My ultimate goal is to create a character or a story that stays with you long after you’ve put the book down.

So in a nutshell: I plan. I teach. I read. I write. I watch. I critique. I shop. I play. I love.

To know me is to love me.


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