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Review of Determinism by LK Collin's.......

This book is part of a series, but each book can be read as a stand alone. 

At what point do you stop fighting the events that have long been predetermined by the course of fate? 

Cara Savannah falls fast and falls hard. She always has. The problem is the kind of guys she falls for. They aren't interested in anything more than a one night stand. Finally fed up with the years of heartache and lack of meaningful relationships, she vows to turn over a new leaf. Cara is going to let love take a backseat and focus on herself. Most importantly- no more tattooed bad boys. The question is, how long can she manage to evade what fate has orchestrated for her? 

Abel Mileski is every bit your typical bad boy on the exterior, but life’s left him broken and jaded. After years of meaningless sex with girls only seeing him for his good looks and tattoos, he sees no value within himself. Ready for a change, he shuts down his desires and immerses himself in his career. However, when fate intervenes, he is completely unprepared. Meeting Cara ignites his desires. She’s not fazed by his ink, and when he tries to charm her, he fails. Stunned by her instant dislike of him, he is determined to find out why. 

After months of sexual tension, they make a decision that will forever change their lives. Will that decision be what ultimately wrecks them or brings them back together?

If you liked book one in the Life. Destiny. Fate. series then you will LOVE Determinism! Cara and Able's story might be my favorite. I love Vincent and Alexis,but Cara and Able stole my heart from the get go.

In book one you see Cara first meeting Able when they go the pictures with Vince and Lex. Well this book starts off at the point right before there movie date and then shoots forward 8 months. You see when they first meet and the instant attraction on both sides. But no matter how much Cara likes Able she won't give in and be with him. Haven't been burned more times then she cares to remember. Her track record with blokes is not a good one. She's fed up with big tattooed blokes And is so fed up with her heart always been broken she vow's never again. And as Abel soon finds out she is one stubborn mare when she sets her mind to something. But Able is just as stubborn as she is only he vow's to get Cara no matter what he has to do. He's not one for giving up,and walking away isn't on the cards. SO they become friends. He flirts,she knocks him back and they have a good routine going in doing so.

But one night,there's just no fighting it anymore. Cara wants him so bad,she finally admits it to herself that she has to give it a try and stop living in the past because that's not living.

And oh god is there connection an unreal one! Them finally having getting together is everything they both knew it would be and more. Like teenagers they can't keep there hands off each other,well if I'd a fire fighter like able I wouldn't be keeping my hands to myself either ;) There passion will literally set you E-Reader on fire! :) If you taught Lex and Vincent had good chemistry wait until you see Able and Cara's! It is SMOKING HOT!

There relationship is going great to begin with. Cozy night's in,date night's. There both getting the whole couple thing they've really wanted. But of course there's always something there to knock you of course. Its called meeting the parents. Or should I say Cara's crazy mam. That makes for an interesting weekend away to say the least. But they deal with it. There's not much this couple couldn't deal with right? Mmmmmm don't be so sure. Because right when they least expect it,there relationship reach's some rocky grounds.

There's always faith there to smack you in the face when you think things are finally perfect. As Cara and Abel are going to find out. There's up and downs,laugh's and teary moments in this book. LK Collins done an AMAZING job with her second book,and I am not chomping at the bit for book three :) 

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