Friday, 6 December 2013

********Sex In The Title by Zack Love*********

Omg,can I just start off saying that you guys have got to read this book! It is LOL hilarious. Some of the stuff the happen's in it is UNREAL. I found myself looking at my kindle going 'no frigging way dud that just happen' while tears where rolling down my face with laughter.

This book surrounds five mid to late twenty's men.  Showing how they met,and the story of how they got to that point. It is back in the year 2000-01. With some time before hand from each blokes perspective. This book shows them coming together and forming one unit. There pose as they like to call it. Five blokes taking on the big city known as New York. On the prowl enjoying the single life before they settle down. But who they get to this point is the funny bit. And there are bits you won't be able to contain your laughter!

This book is not my normal read. I went outside the box with this. And I am so glad I did. The book been from five men's eyes was SO different. It was actually quiet refreshing. It was that good that there better be a book two or I may have to stalk the author. Just a little bit.... Soooooo on to the book at hand......

The five men we have are Evan,Narc,Trevor,Carlos and Sammy.

The book starts off with Evan though. Now Evan goes through something no man should. He not only gets fired,but then the following day gets dumped by his girlfriend......Via email. YES that's right I said email. Talk about crashing and burning. Things can't get worse though right? WRONG. He taught that before he was held up at blow point. I'm not even gonna get into what that is because I'm still trying to get my head around that one! LOL He seems like the main Character of the book even though the others are in it just as much. Maybe that's just my thinking? You'll see when reading it I suppose.

Poor Evan though has problems. He's kinda in love with Delia Nakova. Who's she I hear you asking? Well a famous actress no less! He is obsessed with her after he has more then a few run in's with her. And these run in's where not life changing. Birds didn't sing and rainbows didn't magicly appear. Well not for her anyways. The run ins are actually quiet embarrassing. BUT for Evan none of that matters. He just can't get her out of his head. Love at first meeting is what it's like. And with his been a writer,wanting to be one anyway he gets this plan is his head to win her.....Can You see where I'm going with this......?? 

BUT that's just Evan. ONE down four to go. I'll give you the run down....

Narc is Asian/American who becomes a lawyer. Who's addicted to porn. God honest truth. He will watch it anywhere and everywhere. And has an awful habit of leaving it Evan finds out more then once. He's been a lawyer to please his parents. He doesn't want this but he does it for them not wanting to let them down. But life is catching up with his until it has him in its grasp. So he's left with some choices to make.

Trevour is very swave. He is British and VERY bloody tall. He has rules for his dating. He need's a girl over 6 foot. Just like him,so as you can imagine he's limited in that department. Then he gets himself a girl. Tall,beautiful and has everything he's been looking for. Or that's what he thinks. She may actually have more then he has asked for.....

Carlos is the latin lover of the group. He is fabulous looking. Picture movie star good looking. BUT he's the virgin of the group. And he also has BAD OCD when it comes to germs. Seriously he need's help. So living in the big germy New York city should be a hoot and a half for him :D 

And finally we get to Sammy. The jew of the group. God How I loved him! He is my next favorite after Evan :) He's small,pudgy and going bauld since he can remember. So no wonder is SQ is so low(You'll soon learn what that is) He has a life plan. Play the field(when he can find girls)and start looking for wife material at the age of 28 and up. But you know life NEVER goes how you want it to. His bits in the book are outrageous! Throw in a few knock backs,a mail box conversation,a meowing vagina and hitting the jackpot and you get Sammy in all his glory!

I would urge everyone to read 'Sex In The Title'. Hell even give it to a friend or family member for christmas. This book will cheer you right up. No matter what. But maybe read it alone. After the looks I got at the LOL bit's it's probably best ;)

               Lindsey xoxoxoxo

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