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Buried Secrets

Buried Secrets By Allyson Carter (Book 2 in Southern Morality)
A message from her dead husband turns Mary Cox’s life upside down. Someone wants to kill her and her daughter, Faith. They’ll stop at nothing to track her down. The only man she trusts is her best friend's brother Jace, except, he lied to her before. Will secrets from her past destroy the life she's made for herself or bring them closer together?

Just as Jace Smith begins to adjust to civilian life, a cry of help from the only woman he's ever cared for sends him back into the heat of battle. The type where someone—may not come out alive in the end. Secrets are revealed and nothing will ever be the same again. He'd do anything to keep Mary and her daughter safe from the danger after them. But a secret from his past threatens everything. Can they ever get back what they once had or die trying?
About Allyson Carter

Allyson writes in the sweet, suspense, and Christian romance genres. In her books, you’ll find emotionally stirring story lines, as well as suspense with faith mixed in.

She resides in Missouri with her loving husband and four wonderful children, and three cats. When not spending time with her family, you can find her knitting, and watching way too many suspense shows and reality TV

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3.5* I give this read

Firstly let me say that please do not be put off of my rating of this book ,,, this is only MY opinion and remember that everyone has different tastes

The story itself had a potential it was intense and there were times where you were playing a bit of a guessing game as things were happening that would get your mind questioning and then there were other things that happened that you really didn't see coming.

So this story is mostly surrounding the main female character, she had a bad home life as a child, she had a first love but he'd broken her heart. He returned from the military but by this time shed moved forward with her life and married another. BUT her husband died, leaving her once again feeling pain that no one should have to experience. But he left her with a child, her baby girl that always brought her light to her dark days. Mary had friends by her side supporting her including Jace, her sweetheart that broke her heart all those years ago. The story starts with a dvd sent to Mary by her late husband ,,, then the excitement begins ,,,, someone is after Mary ,,,, they are after Mary and her daughter ,,,,,,, and Jace!!!

So much happens in this book ,,,so much ,,, in fact there is a little too much crammed into such a short space of time ,,, there is a lot to take in because of this I was struggling to keep up

This book is written in the third person, something that isn't my preference but in this books case it was hard to keep up with the pace ,,, there is a lot of flicking between the characters, and there are a few characters, I often found myself having to go over parts I'd already read to work out who the author was currently talking about ,,,this could be a fault that lies with me not the author but I just found this to be a difficult read

There are lot of typos in this book too, normally I don't mention this but there were a few

Like I said at the start it has a good story behind it and this is only my opinion


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