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What happens when a girl set on playing by the rules … finds a guy worth breaking them for?

Leeann Bradley is a college graduate who has achieved many of her personal goals, all because she follows the rules she’s set for herself. It’s simple, you work hard, enjoy life, surround yourself with friends and family, avoid jumping to conclusions … and oh yeah, don’t date college athletes. These rules have worked well and taken her down the path she wants in life. So what’s a girl to do when temptation, in the form of a sexy college soccer player, is placed right in the middle of that path? Deciding when to break the rules has never been easier for Leeann. But when assumptions are made, and more than just the rules are broken … will she be able to find her way down that path again? And what happens when it’s no longer the path she’s meant to take?

Until now, Jonathan Baxter had one primary focus in his life, soccer. All decisions made, have been based on how it could affect his ability to play soccer. His grades, his choice of college, any type of extracurricular activities, were all carefully assessed. All of it has made playing college soccer possible. But when an injury sidelines him for the foreseeable future, and jeopardizes his dreams, he has to work even harder than before. Rehabilitating his injury becomes his primary objective. Until he meets Leeann, a physical therapy assistant whose touch has the ability to make him lose focus. She has him thinking there could more in his life—in his future—than just soccer. So what’s Jonathan to do when Leeann assumes he’s just like every other jock out there? He has to prove her assumptions wrong.
Assumptions ,,,, this is definitely the right title for this book ,,, everyone makes assumptions throughout their lifetime ,,, ok sometimes these are good but sometimes they can be bad or misguided assumptions ,,, but we are all guilty of doing it ,,, aren't we?
So this book is Jonathan and Leeanns story ,,, hopefully you would have already read Melanie's other work (The Real Love Series)  so you will have some insight to these characters (Jonathan's family) and background and some of it comes up through this book ,,, although they are a different series they do link together and I highly recommend ,,, Jonathan is Gillian's son ,,, he has had to deal with plenty of heartache at the hands of his own father and the treatment of his mother ,,, with a tattered relationship with his dad and a strong love for his mother he knows the importance of family, happiness, and faithfulness ,,, he has had meaningless sex in the past but when you only get brief gratification from such acts it slowly becomes boring ,,, he is a young hot guy, fit, healthy, with a prosperous future ahead of him with his athletic ability being what it is he has a bright future ,,,, a moment in time, a manoeuvre during a game could cost him all he knows and all he has worked for ,,, fearing the worst but hoping for the best he dives into his treatment and begins his recovery only begin the next journey of his life and future
Leeanns is a physical therapist ,,,  she takes pride and great interest in what she does ,,, attending sporting events ,,, never did she expect for one of these events make her eyes watching something or someone that would change her forever ,,, break all of her rules and set her a new path in life ,,, after witnessing someone suffer an injury during a game she never expected to be seeing him again sitting in her office as her new patient ,,, an instant attraction is felt between the two of them ,,, things run easy and smoothly between them ,,, but this can only last for so long
When you assume things that are wrong they can lead you to act in a certain way ,,, time and time again this can be done ,,, but can it be fixed before it's too late?
These two have their own insecurities that they need to overcome ,,, one in fear of being cheated on because they fear they aren't enough ,,, and the other in fear of being accused of cheating and being seen to be the exact person they strive not too ,,, recipe for disaster,,, with the hep of friends and family can these two find their way in life before it's too late and too many mistakes are made?
Also must say I love Mari ,,, wanting to see her and Allie team up for sure ,,, and hoping to find out more regarding Mari and Robby ;)
Highly recommended read for all ,,, an overall great feel good read
About Melanie Codina
Melanie is an amazing mother of four, an awesome and tolerant wife to one, and nurse to many. If you don’t believe her, just ask anyone in her family, they know what to say. She is also a devoted chauffer, the keeper of missing socks, a genius according to a six year old, the coolest soccer uniform coordinator according to a twelve year old, and the best damn ‘mac-n-cheese-with-cut-up-hot-dog maker in the whole world. Well that last title isn’t really official, but it’s still pretty cool to be called it.

When not being ordered around by any of the kids, you can find her with her nose in a book or on the sideline of a soccer game cheering on one team or another. But that’s mostly because she has a thing for the coach. When she is not doing all of the above, you can find her obsessed with a group of fictional characters all vying for a spot on the page of whatever she’s working on. It’s a fun and crazy life to lead, but wouldn’t have it any other way.
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