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Familiar Ground Release

Michelle Lynn Familiar Ground is a truly great book ,, the story behind it is reality for so many people in the world today ,,, in this story tragedy brings two people together in a way neither would have dreamt of ,,, and along the way you also get to meet an amazing little girl :)

ad·dic·tion noun \ə-ˈdik-shən, a-\
: a strong and harmful need to regularly have something or do something
: an unusually great interest in something or a need to do or have something

Leah and Adam have never met.
However, they live parallel lives.
Lives plagued by addiction.

When a tragic, but common demon, surfaces between their siblings, Leah and Adam’s worlds collide, never to be the same again.

Adam loses his sister forever.
Leah’s brother returns.
Both gain a niece, neither knew existed.

Now they face an obstacle to raise a niece together while Leah’s brother struggles to free himself from the grip of drug addiction, and as Adam’s family grieves for the sister and daughter they lost.

A commonality is discovered.
Deep wounds begin to heal.
Lines blur as their lives entwine.

For Mature Audiences. 18+ only please


This is a standalone book and it is the story of Leah and Adam ,,, these are two tortured souls, having to deal with secondhand addiction ,,, both of their siblings have been addicted to drugs ,,, neither Leah nor Adam know one another but are brought together through circumstances out of their control

Adam has been checking out a girl for a while now ,,, he's not a stalker, although I might like to examining the term stalker a little closer before making my mind up fully on that one lol ;) ,,, he has admired from afar, drawn to her, her looks and her way she carries herself ,,, never making a move ,,, never being noticed in return ,,, until his friend copes and eyeful and chants a few words in her direction which the girl doesn't take too kindly to and very firmly puts the friend in his place

When she does this she notices Adam ,,, the guy is one of the hottest guys she's ever seen ,,, she pulls her eyes away and carries on with her day

Addiction is an awful thing ,,, it effects so many not just the user ,,, this book highlights all of this and the surrounding consequences of such behaviour ,,, Adams sister unfortunately loses her life to her addiction ,,, leaving behind her boyfriend and child ,,, the boyfriend that happens to be Leah's (the girl) brother ,, the child that know ones is aware of until her mothers death ,,, Leah's brother knows that now is the time to get clean ,,, for himself and for his child, Dani, she's lost her mum and he does to want her to lose her father too

In order to get clean he will need help ,,, the only person he could ask and trust is his sister Leah ,,, and grants her temporary custody until he gets clean and get his baby girl back and give her the life she deserves

Dani is the factor that brings Adam and Leah together ,,, she's a character that will melt your heart and you'll love her :) ,,, she'll put a smile on your face

You'll get ups and downs of addiction from all angles ,,, there is additional people involved in this story that you'll not be impressed with but given the nature of the story are a key part in it :(

You'll also get the little that shines through all of the bad stuff which is the relationship that forms between Leah and Adam ,, their bond, connection is noticeable on their meeting ,,, these two have experienced different things in life but stuff that's on the same lines too ,,, offering both an understanding and acceptance of their circumstances as well as their previous actions gives them such a strong connection ,,, connecting in ways the others wouldn't understand because of their siblings ,,, and their need to protect the little blessing known as Dani

Through all of this hardship they have experienced will their be light at the end of the tunnel? Can Shane (Leah's brother) finally get clean and straight? Will Adams family forgive him? Will Leah and Adam be able to give into the urge to be with the other without fear of reprocussion for Dani? Will they finally rid drugs and all that comes with it once and for all?

Well give it a go and enjoy people it's a gooden :)

Recommended read :)

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Michelle moved around the Midwest most of her life, transferring from school to school before settling down in the outskirts of Chicago ten years ago, where she now resides with her husband and two kids.  She developed a love of reading at a young age, which helped lay the foundation for her passion to write.   With the encouragement of her family, she finally sat down and wrote one of the many stories that have been floating around in her head. When she isn’t reading or writing, she can be found playing with her kids, talking to her mom on the phone, or hanging out with her family and friends.  But after chasing around twin preschoolers all day, she always cherishes her relaxation time after putting the kids to bed.
Twitter: @michellelynnbks

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