Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Scars Of Us ~ Nikki Narvaez

OMG Holy Moses this book is some serious hotness ,,, wow wow wow ,,, this is a book that your going to crave until the last word is read ,,, I kid you not you'll curse everyday life for getting in between you and this amazing book ,,, I know I did lol ;)

This is a story that is going to cut right through you I can assure you on that ,,, we have the story of Kaiya and Ryker ,,,

There's plenty Angst, Drama, times that will make you smile ,,, times you'll wanna cry ,,, there is the shock factor ,,, great characters and ,,, plenty of the good stuff in there too ;) ;)

Kaiya is so broken and feels so damaged that she lives not even half a life anymore ,,, the only thing that keeps her going is knowing that her brother Kamden is always going to be there for her ,,, but she cant trust she cant love ,,, she cant even look into a mirror :(

Kaiya has certain rules when she is intimate with a guy and because of these rules she cant get involved with any random guy ,,, they would so run a mile ,,, well that's what she thinks anyway ,,,

She is given some news that tears away at her a little more and feels the need to stay close to her brother Kam ,,, because of this she joins up at his gym so that they can work out together ,,,

In walks Ryker ,,,

she sees that they offer self defence classes and thinks that maybe they will be a good idea for her ,,, in case the need may ever arise ,,,

But who is the teacher??? ,,,, none other than Ryker :)

Ryker likes his ladies ,,, well not so much ladies but we will be nice here :) ,,, likes them to be easy, loose and definitely willing ,,, he likes to do the deed and be gone quicker than you can blink your poor little eyes :) ,,, sometimes he could be in and out of there before he has even got her name

When her first met Kaiya he wanted exactly that ,,, to bed and leave her ,,,

BUT ,,,

Kaiya put up a fight ,,, she resisted him even though it was clear she wanted him ,,, this made her in to a challenge and man does Ryker like a good old challenge

He soon realises that this girl is different ,,, he wasn't stupid either he knew this girl came with a past ,,, that most likely wouldn't be full of roses

He had his own past too ,,, it wasn't the greatest and cuts deep ,,, he had walls that weren't going to come down ,,, she wouldn't break his walls ,,,,

or would she????

Their story doesn't end there but ill leave it at that I can assure you this book just keeps getting better the more that you read

I highly recommend this to all is a fantastic read and I have truly enjoyed it :)

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