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Conklin's Foundation ~ Brooke Page

Becca finally found her courage and faced her tormentors head on to get what she deserved: respect and Tyler Conklin. Becca’s faith in Tyler is solid, but is he willing to completely open up to her? They both have past baggage, and as Becca says, Tyler’s is particularly old.
With everything they have been through, Becca and Tyler know that secrets get them nowhere. They have made great leaps and bounds in their relationship, but Becca can’t help but feel he is still keeping something from her. Between the local detective snooping around and asking questions at the Conklin building and Tyler’s evasive answers, Becca remains skeptical about his excuses. The detective seems more interested in Tyler’s father’s “projects”, but Tyler’s hands seem to be in the pot as well.
Unfortunately, Tyler’s past comes back in his face along with his shady business. Will Becca hold true to her new found confidence and claim what’s hers… including Tyler?

Can I just say from the start that I LOVE Brooke's writing! I may have went stalker on her after the first book. Just to keep an eye on this book. Its her own fault though. Leaving me hanging waiting on book two :) AND now the same thing is happening because as soon as I finished book 2 I wanted book 3! Ugh, this waiting business is a killer but so worth it to read about Becca and Tyler again!

As we know from the first one Becca and Tyler got really serious about one another. And at the end of book one she forgave him for what he had said to his dad about her. She knows he was just saying that to keep RJ away from her. So that's were the book takes off. There just trying to work things out and be a proper couple now. And not one that has to hide in the shadows and be kept a secret.

This is all new to Tyler. The only long 'relationship' if that's what it could be called was with his 'Nanny' for ten years. BUT that was more about sex then anything else. This thing with Becca is his life. Deep down he love's her more then anything. But is so afraid to show it in case its not giving back. HELLO he must be blind because her love for him seeps out of this book.

Becca is scared. She doesn't wanna doubt Tylers Love for her. But things from that past creep up and it just can't be helped. For both of them actually. As Gage and Connor from her past appear in this.

They get over some BIG things in this book with it been Christmas. Its time for the family to meet there partner on both sides. Poor Tyler is terrified that his family will Scare Becca off. AGAIN he doesn't see the love she has for him. The family meeting is.....heated to say the least. It is his family after all, what else would you expect?

BUT more drama pops up in this book. A name keeps popping up between Tyler's Job and Becca's dad. And A detective is always floating around. Becca has no idea what's going on. And Tyler isn't coughing up any information any time soon. But the feeling about this person is not good as you will see for yourself. I can see book 3 been filled with more drama then a soap opera because of this person.

But Tyler and Becca are in it together no matter what. Facing things head on. But when someone strikes against them you can tell this was just the touch of the iceberg. Things will only get worse before they get better.

I'm freaking out waiting for book 3 already and I'm not long finished 2. You guys will be in the same boat! BUT as it was it will be worth it :) AND I plan and stalking Brooke twice as much now until I get book 3 ;)

About the Author

Brooke Page

Brooke Page is a newly Independent author of Conklin’s Blueprints. She and her husband live with their two children in the suburbs of Grand Rapids, Michigan. When she is not writing or spending time with her beloved family, she enjoys using the pottery wheel and reading.
For more projects and insights on upcoming books and events, please visit Brooke Page on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ authorbrookepage), and follow her on Twitter, (BrookePage05). Brooke Page would also love to hear from you via her email address if you have any questions or comments about her books, authorbrookepage@gmail.com.

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