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The Washington Triplets Series

Here's something new for us all to check out ,,, personally I love these three authors ,,,, Danielle Allen, Michelle Lynn and Melissa Rolka ,,, they have come together and developed between them a series of books that will make up The Washington Triplets Series ,,, after reading about these books I am itching to get my hands on them all ,,, so I wanted to share this news with you all too ,,, i've included the synopsis for each ,,, the order they are planned and the author Facebook page for you to check out ,,, please also note the link for the forum on Facebook for this series to and come along and join in on all the talk and news surrounding these books :)

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The Journey of these triplets begins with Love Discovered In New York ,,, This Is Danielle Allen's contribution to the series 
The Rebel
Mya Washington is a rebel. Or at least, that’s what her family has always said. As the youngest of a set of triplets, she has always been the more rebellious of the three…even though she never considered herself a rebel.

Outspoken? Yes.

Rule Breaker? Sometimes.

Trouble Maker? Nev—occasionally.

Growing tired of being typecast and misunderstood, Mya moves to New York looking for a fresh start away from the life she grew up in and out of the shadow of her older sisters. Striking out on her own may have put a strain on the family dynamic, but it's the new beginning Mya was looking for.

But after the unexpected death of her mother, she is blindsided yet again by a wedding invitation she didn’t see coming. Her father’s upcoming marriage only cements the wall she’s put up around her heart. Because if her father could be such an utter disappointment, why should she even attempt to open up to any man?

Enter Colton Davis.
Next Up Is ,,,,, Love Grows In Alaska ,,, this is Michelle Lynn's Contribution to the series
The Good One
Being the oldest Washington Triplet hasn’t been easy for Marisa Washington. Labeled the “good one” at a young age embedded the burden she strived to build true. She graduated at the top of her class, never caused her parents trouble, and even settled down in their hometown of Chicago with her college boyfriend.

Her life was “perfect”, at least in the eyes of others. But when her mom unexpectedly dies, Marisa’s eyes open for the first time. She leaves her boyfrien...d of four years and takes a job in Alaska to gain the freedom and individuality she’s craved. After all, what would she gain by sticking around Chicago? She discovered her perfect family isn’t so perfect, and everyone she cares for left her.
Starting a new life in Anchorage, Alaska, she’s unable to escape her family’s hold when her dad’s wedding announcement comes a mere six months after her mother’s death. Attempts to contact her sisters, in order to face this together, are unsuccessful, leaving her feeling even more alone.
Her family issues have to be pushed aside when her employer sends her and three others to a team building retreat in King’s Gate. It’s the last thing Marisa wants to do, until everywhere she turns, she finds…Zach Greer

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and then ,,, Love Found In California ,,, This is Melissa Rolka's contribution to the series

The Quiet One
Mikaela Washington, the middle Triplet, has always been labeled the quiet one. Her parents claim her as the introvert or just shy. Of course she was, what other role could she take? All the others had been fulfilled.
Going away to college with her sisters was always the plan until unforeseen circumstances push Mikaela into a dark corner she can’t get out of. Her sisters think she’s just being more unusual than normal and her dad barely notices. The only per...son she can trust and confide in is her mom.
She stays back and lives at home with her parents. These years are difficult, but she manages to find a career and go to therapy. During this time she learns her family home is not what it seems. She sees and hears things that her sisters know nothing about. Then when her mom suddenly dies she’s left to deal with not only her tragedy, but also the secrets of her family.
Finally Mikaela realizes it’s time… time to move on, live on her own like her sisters and try to start new. When she moves to California she finds the job of her dreams and the man of her dreams attached to it… Ryan Chambers

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