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Learning To Forgive




Genre: Contemporary Romance

Series: The Learning Series, Book 3




This isn't your Typical Everyday fairytale.
This story isn't sweet or sugary.
It's Raw and Dark
It's Rough and Dangerous
And It's Definitely not for kids under 17 years of age.

So turn back now if you're not ready for Lyric and Blaire's story. Because shit just got Real.

“I’ve learned a lot this past year, but there are two things I’ll never forget: one, People aren’t what they seem, and two, I fucking hate liars.”

Blaire Morgan was a quiet, grief stricken girl when she left Mobile, Alabama, a year ago after her brother’s unexpected death. She returns a year later with fresh wounds from another betrayal, and she’s not the same person. A woman letting her tortured past rule her life, her “take no shit” attitude is catching the attention of everyone that crosses her path, including the bad boy front man of Lyrical Obsessions—the new band that plays at Jay Jay’s. When she learns he has something she wants, she plans on doing whatever it takes to get it.

What is a demon? An evil spirit possessing a person, acting as a tormentor in Hell?

Lyric “The Demon” Devereux is that tormentor and Hell is any place he sees fit, either in the fighting ring or on the streets. He killed his first person at seventeen years old, and that list has grown over the years—as well as his list of enemies—but his biggest enemy is himself and he doesn’t know how to win that battle.

When Blaire comes into town like wildfire and turns heads, Lyric’s temper emerges—uninvited and unexpected. His plan to stay at a distance for her safety, and his sanity, changes when she continuously shows up with her defiance and seductive pull. He now has no choice but to face his past that could possibly destroy the both of them.

Tempers will detonate.

Lust will consume.

Truth will destroy.

But will love forgive?




This is book three in the Learning series ,,, this is Lyric and Blaires story

I'm a total angst fiend ,,, I love the suspense and unknown ,,, the guessing game gets me every time ,,, so obviously I've really enjoyed reading this book ,,, it has it all

Where do you begin when you have nothing? Is there much point in the forward when the past is dragging you down? Life is a bitch and sometimes there are few that get the real bad stuff and it just keeps being dealt out to them ,,, meet Blaire

Life isn't great then someone comes along only to be ripped away from you in such a horrific way ,,, where do you go from there? You follow the only path you can,,, the only option available ,,, not wanting to feel ,,, definitely not wanting to love ,,, only to have someone walk straight into their life so unexpectedly and it feel so intense ,,, but you can't allow anyone to get close ,,, it's too dangerous ,,, pushing away is always how it should be ,,, but is that a possibility? ,,,, meet Lyric

There is a whole lot of background to both Blaire and Lyric ,,, harsh background and helps to understand these characters, how they behave, why they do certain things and well just who they are!!

You'll get to catch up with some old friends in this book too ,,, Trudy is around again and we get to the bottom of Blaires hatred for her

There is a lot of build up in this book and a few times I was thinking ahead of where I'd read (guessing game) there are a few shocks in this book so when ya start guessing keep reading people

There is one warning I think needs to be made though ,,, this book is not like the previous one in this series ,,, book 1 there was some horrible things that happened to a Trudy ,,, but this book is INTENSE in comparison ,,, this is definite 18+ content ,,, that said it's not offensive or overly explicit don't be put off by this comment please it's a great book

There are many things that occur within this book and it'll keep gripped ,,, one of them ones where you just gonna need to read coz you just gotta know ,,, like right now :)

Recommend this read ,,, it's really good and once again R.D. Cole has not disappointed me



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Author Biography:

R.D. Cole is a lively person with a determination to make it in life. Once her mind gets set on an idea she pursues it with passion. As long as she has God and her family she feels she can conquer every day. Besides reading and writing she loves to sing, dance, and go mudding on her Souped-up Can Am. Her hubby is 9 years younger but he seems more mature than her at times and they level one another out. She has a beautiful daughter named Bethani who is a miracle and a fighter. She's the only known living survivor of Matthew Woods Syndrome and when no one thought she'd live R.D. said "yes she will." R.D. takes nothing for granted when it comes to life. "Everything can be ripped from your fingers before they can grasp it. So if you want something in life, do it. Go for it."

That same mindset has helped R.D. write small pieces of her life mixed in to fictional settings and characters that will capture your heart.

"Read on. Dream on. Write on." -R.D. Cole

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