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Lucian Bane ~ Dom Wars

Lucian Bane's inner Dom is out of control and hungry for things he can't name. When he signs up for Dom Wars, he meets Tara who is naive to the BDSM world. Her reckless dominance and puritan heart fascinate him. But when he discovers the pain in her past, it unleashes his true Dom within.
Round One Review
God this book has been everywhere hasn't it? I've been dying to read this book! Anywhere I looked this book was been pushed. But I really didn't know what to expect with it. DOM what is that? Are a bunch of Dom's gonna go in to battle? But.....yeah they actually do. NOW calm down this isn't the war were these men whip there gun's out unless six packs are considered that!

Okay so this book starts off with Lucian are main guy. He see's on the newspaper that there's a contest to win a 1,000,000. Who doesn't need a million right? And all he has to do to get it is win DOM wars...... That maybe hard for some BUT our Lucian is a DOM. Not the wanting to hurt and break them kind though. He just wants to dominate his Subs. He can't even think of it without awaking his hunger for it. BUT his past Suns have left him needing some money more then ever. Paying off debts for Subs who aren't even around anymore is not what he has planned when he met them. SO this contest to be the best DOM couldn't have come at a better time. What has he got to loose? He wins he can clear his(Subs)debts and if not nothing has changed. SO off he goes.....What he didn't count for was Tara.....

Tara is beautiful looking. Of course she doesn't know this. But Lucian been a hot blooded male sure can. She's like a lamb mixed in with a pit of wolfs at these auditions. But Tara is more feisty then he couldn't imagined. He has some bite for a little lamb..... Yeah she does know she is way out of her debt been here. BUT she needs this money. Its not just her who needs it. So she's gonna give it everything she has. Well that was her plan until Lucian rocked up. Looking like a god, thinking he owns the world.....LOL.

Lucian see's something is Tara though. He wants her from the get go. SO he makes them a team. Equal half's of the million if they win. BUT Tara isn't just gonna lay down and be a Sub for him. Oh no, she wants to be the DOM is this partnership. So they have to compromise. Taking turns as the DOM..... They are giving a list of things for the wars. Each thing has certain points and at the end of the game, the team with the most points wins. Its pretty simple..... But everything isn't as simple as it seems....Lucian wasn't planning on seen someone from his past there.....AND there are certain things there to throw them off just when there finding there feet......

This book was really good. And I can't wait for book two! I need to know what happens next. Be warned you will be hooked by the end. And you will have no nails left waiting for the next one. And I'm saying that having just finished reading it! LOL

They will be judged.....
They will be recorded.....
They win be on air around the world....
AND only one couple can win the war......
Dom Wars Round 1
Lucian Bane and Tara Reese have made it to round two in DOM WARS. The challenges now revolve around trust and while Tara's inhibitions in the world of BDSM are crushed by his passion, her deep rooted fears become the real obstacle he must dominate.
Round Two Review
Lucian Bane has succeeded in creating ANOTHER hot ass book! Just when you think it couldn't get any more hotter then the first one IT DOES.

I really love the Characters in this book. They make you love them from the get go. I love that there always fighting with each other about who the DOM is gonna be in the events. It actually makes me LOL reading it. Tara is a feisty little thing. Lucian really has his hands full with her. Not that's he's complaining.....

This book starts off just after book one. They have ANOTHER war to win. This one is so much harder then the first. The games in this are extreme. More mentally then anything else. All about fear facing and how well do you know each other.

But for Lucian he's fed up that its all a game for Tara. Anything he thinks is real,she's just counting points. This infuriates him. He wants her to be his. Not just for the DOM wars,but for good. But poor Tara is two far gone with needing the winning money she can't see what's in front of her. Or more she refuses to see what's in front of her.

Nut Lucian is Lucian.....He's the Ineffable Dom..... He's not gonna give up. Its not in his nature. So I'm really wanting to see what goes down(No pune intended) in Round three.
Dom Wars Round 2
Author Bio
I'm an Ineffable Dom. That just means, do yourself a favor and please don't try to describe me or fit me into your categories. Complicated Dom, Intricate Dom, Confounding Dom work too.
I love very much the soft side of a woman. Not just her body, but everything on the inside-- her passion, her intelligence, her convictions, her delicate tenderness. But the one fetish that might be a part of what makes me an Ineffable Dom is that I love her strengths. I love a woman that isn’t afraid to look me in the eyes and say ‘make me’.  But I need it to be real, not staged, not pretended. She has to be a fighter at her core the way I’m a Dom at my core. I want an equal that is willing to come hard against me in every sense of the word, exhaust me. I want her so deep inside me that we’re lost in each other. I want her to never doubt that I will always use my power to adore her, protect her, liberate her. I don’t want a woman I can break, or overpower, or exercise my dominance over, I want a woman I can come undone with. I want a woman I can jump off the cliff with into that abyss of holy hell, this is beyond me, beyond my control. The greatest fear of most people is losing themselves or unravelling their roots. My greatest fear is not finding a woman I can take that plunge with. Yes, it’s a huge risk. That’s the yin and the yang of it. And while the risk titillates my Dom, it’s the ineffable fruit of that risk that moves him. He knows he has to have it. He knows he’s supposed to have. And he’s prepared to dominate for it.
I think there are many men like myself, and I hope my writing will be a map for them. A map for women as well, to let them know Doms like this exist. I’d like to call them out of the woodwork. Help men join with their natural inner Doms in a way that I think is one of the most fulfilling experiences there are. I want to challenge them all to go for the complete power exchange with a woman, but don’t be a coward and not give the same that they demand or expect. And consider that when you give one hundred percent of yourself to a person, there is no more of you to give away. You now belong to them the way they belong to you.
Inner Doms are dogs that need a master to train them. I once bowed to my Dom's reckless and tireless desires, but when I gained control, he bowed to my will. The transformation made me into what I am today. What many would call an Ineffable Dom. But its equal term in the Vanilla world, in my opinion, is a real man.
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