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Bound To The Fallen Tour

Stevie. J. Cole ~ Bound To The Fallen
Within all legends, within all myths, lies a glimmer of truth. . .

Since the beginning of time there have been stories of demons and tales of darkness; creatures that stalk our dreams. Beings we pray in reality will never touch us. It is easily forgotten that evil can be veiled by breathtaking beauty. After all, few things in this world are truly as they seem.

Brooke Davis was well aware that people can pretend to be someone they are not. She'd had several life experiences that had taught her that. When she met Gavin Hunter she thought she knew exactly what kind of man he was - but she couldn't have been more mistaken in her assumption.

Gavin Hunter was successful, dominant, and had an innate weakness for women. A weakness that, if not controlled, could lead to a dangerous attraction. To make certain that he remained in control he never pursued an innocent mortal — until Brooke. The temptation she posed was a sin he could not deny, a pleasure he wanted to own. His desire for Brooke possessed him.

Brooke and Gavin quickly became entangled within a passionate love founded on deception. Not even the darkness could keep his secrets hidden forever, for it was only a matter of time before Gavin’s past would try to tear their love apart.

Prophecies can rarely be changed, fate seldom turns, and Brooke would soon find herself clinging to sins most would run from.

There was no escape. She had been bound the moment that he fell.

Due to language and sexual content this book is intended for mature audiences.
I'm gonna start of saying that I LOVE paranormal books. I always have. BUT lately I found myself by passing them and choosing different book types. I was just going threw a faze were none of them were calling to me. So then I was offered this book.....and I was debating passing it up with how I was avoiding these books lately. BUT then I read the synopsis, and it grabbed me straight away!!!! AND I am so happy that it did.

As you know for many years there has been tales of Demons and Angels. And within them tales there has been tales of the fallen as they like to call themselves. These are Angels who were once in heaven, that fell. In a nut shell. BUT to be honest. They didn't fall. There asses were kicked out because of something they did. SO in this book the Fallen Angel is Gavin. Well that's the name he's using now anyways. Gavin's reason for Fallen was quiet simply a girl.....He gave in many moons ago and gave into the temptation of a mortal woman. He may as well of packed his bags himself after that. As he like the many others that fell all knew the rules. BUT lets be honest he is just a man after all.......

So as his punishment he is banished to walk the earth as a demon forever. An immortal. BUT one who need's certain...things to survive.....

The story starts up in the Present day and our guy is playing doctor at this point 'Dr Gavin Hunter'(He even has a sexy name!).

Gavin is SO easy on the eyes. Females literally throw themselves at him. He is never lacking in female company. BUT working in the doctor world when girls are throwing themselves at you is never good. BECAUSE he has vowed never to work with a co-worker. Which you can so understand. It could get messy and then your still stuck looking at there face in work. SO he just avoids it at all costs. WELL that is until Brooke.....

He knows he should stay away.....His dark past and things he's done should make him......But......

Brooke Davis is just fresh outta college......She goes for a job interview for a place as a as a research Co-Ordinator at the local hospital and nails it. THAT is were she meets our Gavin..... God when she see's him she doesn't think he is real. He is SO good looking. Sinfully so. BUT she has vowed never to date doctors. There lying cheating losers. SO no matter how sinful he is, its just not gonna happen. Well....so she thinks anyways..... But they soon learn they can't avoid it forever. Brooke can no more stay away from Gavin then he can her.

All it takes is one kiss and there inseparable....... But there are things Brooke should know.....So many thing......

Gavin knows though. He knows what can happen by doing this with a mortal. He knows the curse that was cast upon his kind when he feel. BUT he is to blind to see it. ALL he see's is his Brooke. And she is now his no matter what.

BUT there are some people that BOTH of them know that don't wanna let this happen..... That will literally do anything to stop what's unfolding in front of them......BUT Gavin isn't willing to let that happen, he's willing to do ANYTHING. Even things that will cost them more then they ever know.....

This book, sweet Jesus this book had me gripped! IF I could give it more then 5* I would! BUT know it is worth every star I gave it. The romance in this book is unreal. I so want my very own Gavin! Fallen Angel or not I wouldn't kick him outta bed ;)

I cannot wait for book two!!!! OMG I'm freaking out for book two already and I only finished book one :D Well Done Stevie J Cole. Your book blew my socks off and you are now on my list of favourite authors! AND I may stalk you just a little bit LOL.



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