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Painless by Devon Hartfort.........

This is book three is the Samantha Smith series.
Review ~ 

I was DYING for this book to come out after how Book two ended! Like are you kidding me,you end book two like that and then you make us wait MONTHS! That's just Evil Devon! SO as you can Imagine Book three picks back up right were book two ended,literally on that CLIFF hanger <-- get it? LOL.So as we know Christos ran from Samantha afraid that he wasn't good enough for her after everything her parents had said. Which is SO wrong as they are perfect for each other! But with everything going on between the court date looming and her parents making it obvious that they don't think he's the right person for there girl,he can't take it and ends up at his and Samantha's spot.Samantha is freaking out looking for him! Thinking he might do something stupid in the heat of the moment. But he doesn't. He's to much to live for with her. And the court date he's gonna rock. He won't let that ass that was shouting at Samantha take him down. He deserved that punch and to be took down a peg or two!The thing is he never tell Samantha the reason why he is up in court. He just says its because he hit someone. SO she end's up having to work this all out herself! Seriously,why do men make things so complicated? But anyways she happen's to work it out herself! And thank god she does as you's will see for yourself's :)So that's all there problems solved right? WRONG! The drama in this book still continues! If its not Samantha's horrid parents its that witch Tiffany trying to make her life hell. And boy does Tiffany go all out in this book. She takes her hatred to a WHOLE other level! We knew she wasn't playing with the full deck but this just show's how crazy and evil she can really get. Talk about getting revenge for giving her a mustache :D OH and throw in some drunk Jocks and a whole heap of money troubles and you've got yourself a drama party like no other. Between Samantha's growing college bills and Christos's money depleting everyday with law fee's the two of them are really stuck!OH and I have to say this book has to be the funniest out of the three. I was literally laughing my ass off and getting some weird looks of people around me. BUT it was so worth it! I own that to Romeo,he takes his funnyness to a whole other level! The stuff he came out with was UNREAL! He's now gonna be my future husband. I don't care if he's Gay and fictional. I need him :DHer friends are just as great in this one! I love the whole gang and I would LOVE it if they got there own Spin off books. Maybe if I bug the author enough he may just do that..... ;)

From the author ~

A lot of people ask me, "Why is a guy writing romance novels for women?" The answer is simple. Everyone falls in love. Even Men. Imagine that. ;-)
Of course, I'm half-joking, but also half-serious. Most men behave as if they have no emotions and certainly never--GASP!--talk about them. Men control their emotions. No man is a man if he lets his emotions get the best of him, right? Men conquer their emotions. Hardly.
Emotions are as much a part of a man's human experience as they are a woman's. I'm sure the specifics are as different as individual people can be. But if a man wants to have a complete experience as a human being, he must embrace his emotional nature and learn to understand it. What better way to explore emotions than to focus on stories centering around emotional experiences? Including the most intense emotional experience of all, love?
Having read a slew of New Adult romances in the past year, I noticed again and again that these novels dealt with the repressed pain of emotional scars and how love can help heal our wounds. Everyone has emotional scars. Women and men. Everyone hopes to heal, and a loving relationship can be a conduit for both partners to heal together.
My own stories feature characters who are on a quest to heal their pain. I believe this is a universal desire. It's my hope that readers of my stories may heal in some small way or gain some perspective regarding their own emotional wounds.

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